ATM Services Offered – Atlanta

You don’t have to worry about any ATM maintenance. We’ll take care of  all the ATM servicing and transaction processing. This service is  perfect for nightclubs, bars, gas stations, restaurants, and many other  small businesses needing ATM placement.

In addition to our free ATM program, Pinnacle ATM also specializes in ATM rental and mobile ATM placement.

Permanent placement.  Give your customers access to  cash at your place of business.  Our ATM machines are perfect for any  small business.  Nightclubs, gas stations, restaurants, are just a few  of places that are perfect for of ATM machines.

Temporary placement.  Our mobile ATM services are  the perfect solution to provide cash to event attendees at park  festivals or any large outdoor events.  We can temporarily place ATMs at  your special event so that guests have cash to spend on vendor booths,  concessions, and bar set-ups.  This makes your vendors and guests happy.  Our mobile ATM placement is perfect for corporate events, trade shows,  park events, marketing events, and festivals.

How much does this service cost?   We offer free ATM  machine rental and leasing services in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.   We come to your company, install the machine, and take care of any ATM  setup and breakdown. Our free ATM full service placement program  includes wireless cash level monitoring so that you can be certain your  customers will always have access to cash.

 Can I make money from the ATMs.  Yes!  A portion of  the service charge is returned to your business.  Four times a year you  get a check from your customers using our ATMs.

Do you handle all maintenance issue?  Yes!  Our professional staff constantly monitors the amount of money in our Atlanta ATM machines.

 We offer a free complimentary Customer Review to your place of  business.  Contact us today so we can work together to make you more  money and give your customers more cash to spend at your place of  business.