Does this ATM cost me anything?

No.  It’s totally free.  We will purchase the machine  and pay for all installation costs.  You will never be asked to come out  of pocket for anything.

Do you require a contract from us?

No.  Although most ATM companies will pressure you to  sign a contract, we operate solely on solid business practices and great  customer service with all of our locations.

I don’t have any room for an ATM.  Where will it be placed?

The dimensions of the ATM are ~2’x 2’. It can fit  almost anywhere.  Ideally it will be located where it’s readily visible,  yet not in the way of your customers or employees.

Okay, we want the ATM – What do you need in order to get the machine up and running in our business?

We’ll need access to an internet connection or a phone  line and a power outlet.  ATMs work best when using the internet.   However, if no internet connection is available, a regular phone line  can also be used.  Since the phone line does NOT need to be a dedicated  line, we normally tap into a fax line or 2nd or 3rd business rollover line.

Most of our customers pay with credit & debit cards.  Do we really need an ATM?

We know that the % of credit card transactions has  increased.  However, ATMs are still widely used by many consumers,  including tourists and those needing immediate access to cash.  It’s  simply a convenience for your customers. True – you may not “need” an  ATM, but since you’ll be receiving commissions, it will only improve  your bottom line.

Do I have to fill the ATM with cash or fix it when it breaks?

No. We will handle all the maintenance including cash loading.  If you ever have an issue, just contact Pinnacle ATM